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Luxury Laptops, Super Computers, Tablets ... by MJ

     Space technology - the fastest, most powerful, the most... The only of its kind. The unique characteristics. Computers for the few. Art-Studio MJ sole manufacturer of unique jewelry and laptop computers luxury issued in a single copy. All models in the series of MJ Limited Edition are produced in the authors in an exclusive set. Branded bags of leather, mouse swarovski, giant usb flash drives and seek from the art studio MJ. Only handmade and Luxury customization.

   MJ Super Notebook VIP Bespoke -

MJ Laptop MJ 888 23 Carat Emerald Crocodile & Unique Diamonds - Портативный мини компьютер в коже черно изумрудного крокодила. Кнопки, сканер и декоративные элементы из чистого литого золота 888 - ой пробы. 23 Карата. Laptop MJ Ferrari Crocodile Alligator Gold Limited Edition Luxury Modding - Роскошный Моддинг и Тюнинг Ноутбука, кожа аллигатора, золото, рубины и опалы (Черный Глянец) Laptop MJ Ferrari Crocodile Alligator Gold Limited Edition, Leather Mouse & Luxury VIP Bag - Роскошный Ноутбук, Кожаная Мышка и ВИП Сумка для лептопа и Самая Быстрая Флешка из кожи крокодила украшенная литым золотом 777-ой пробы и коричневыми бриллиантами MJ Mouse Gold Diamond Leather Crocodile - Мышка в коже крокодила, украшенная золотом и бриллиантами Laptop MJ Ferrari Gold Crocodile Black - Ноутбук, мышка и флешка  MJ Феррари в коже крокодила и золоте MJ Notebook Swarovski Luxury Edition Crystallized Gold Yellow MJ Notebook Ferrari Crocodile Platinum Gold 777 Limited Edition, Leather Mouse & VIP Bag - Супер Ноутбук, Мышка, Флешка и Сумка из кожи крокодила и платинового золота 777-ой пробы Super Mini Laptop Ferrari One MJ Limited Edition - Genuine Fur Pony - Royal Kit Gold Premium Netbook Ferrari One MJ Limited Edition - Genuine Leather - Stingray Red with Silver Horse MJ Luxury Netbook Mini Laptop Sony Vaio P Exotic Leather - Iguana Gold MJ Luxury Elite Notebook Ferrari One MJ Limited Edition - Exotic Leather Pink Cobra with VIP Mouse MJ Notebook Asus Exptic Leather - Python Sony Vaio P Luxury Case Crocodile MJ Edition Green Mini Laptop Ferrari One MJ Limited Edition - Genuine Fur Pony - Notebook, USB Flash Drive, Mouse Netbook Swarovski MJ Limited Edition Exotic Leather - Sea Eel Vine Netbook Swarovski MJ Limited Edition MJ Notebook Swarovski Luxury Edition Crystallized Blue
Tuning and Modding laptops. This exclusive premium class of art studios MJ. Unique notebook, with unique technical characteristics and of course with a unique design. Only the best model tuning laptops from the world of brands Sony, Apple, Tulip Ego, Dell, HP, Sony, Asus Lamborghini, Acer Ferrari ... in combination with a unique look and a fabulous complete set of elites, class (deluxe bags, mouse and accessories). When you create a notebook from MJ, apply only the most expensive material. Precious metals and stones - gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, rubies, emeralds. As in the models used art-paint art and painting, leather and fur trim, inlaid crystals swarovski. More details in the photo gallery of notebooks from Art Studio MJ

   MJ Fashion Tablet PC - Apple iPad -

The latest electronic device internet tablet pc from Apple in the author's edition. Art Studio MJ first company granted the newest model of Apple iPad in luxury housing of exotic skin types. In the creation of plates or covers for them, apply only the most luxurious materials and handmade luxury class in the performance of the best designers and jewelers Art Studio MJ.

   MJ Luxury Mouse and Keyboard -

MJ Mice Exotic Leather Edition - Stingray, Fish, Snake, Frog, Toad, Python, Viper, Anaconda, Cobra etc Royal PC Kit Accessories MJ Exotic Leather - Exclusive Mouse & USB Flash Drive -Snake Karung Pearl Pink Skin Royal PC Kit Accessories MJ Exotic Leather - Exclusive Mouse & USB Flash Drive - Fur Pony Leopard Color

Unique mouse and keyboard made of gold and platinum, inlaid with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Mice in the shells of the rare parody of red and black wood, as well as a mouse in the decoration of exotic leather and fur hand dressing. This gift in the form of exclusive accessories for your computer or laptop.

   MJ Desktop Super PC -

Extreme Luxury Monitor MJ Edition RedWood PC Snake Leather PC Monitor Swarovski, Inlaid Diamond Luxury VIP Edition Super PC MJ Future, Super Fast Server

   Look to the Future! You can now buy what the world will be only through the years. Unparalleled performance, unique technology, space velocity, unrealistic amounts of memory, huge arrays of information. You can safely say that these units of computers in the world. A stylish and unique look and feel of computers, notebooks and gaming prefixes from MJ Art Studios allows you to enjoy their beauty and be sure they devices unique in the world.
* MJ Limited Edition - a unique version of computers, notebooks and gaming prefixes released a limited edition, each model in the series and individual is unique. Collections L.E. (Limited Edition) is only available on request. All computers come with licensed software.


Great laptops and computers. Laptops in the natural skin of a crocodile, monitor lizard, python, ostrich ... Laptops with gold and platinum shell. Laptops inlaid with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and crystals Swarovski. Exclusive phones & usb flash drives and accessories made of gold, diamonds besprent. Airbrushing, tuning, Modding, design, and much more from the art studio MJ.

MJ Art-Studio,  28 Kanatna str.  Odessa,  65014,  Ukraine
+38 (094) 947-46-50   + 38 (050) 522-33-30