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Unique services luxury of Art-Studio MJ

leather, fur, jewelry, gilt, inlaid, engraving, art, stone, bone, wood

      MJ Art Studio will help you transform any object into a unique luxury product. Luxury products made for individual orders. Tuning and modding mobile phones, computers, gifts, cars, and all life around us. You can order these products from gold, which you will not find in any jewelry store. Golden dumbbells and weights, a golden bust of Baiden or Putin, golden guns and pens, key chains and blades from platinum, gold credit cards, and other unique jewelry miracles. You can also put a laser engraving, or use the services of the art of painting and art-paint. Can inlaid Swarovski crystals and applique expensive fur and exotic leather. MJ Art Studio will help you transform any object into a unique luxury product.

Leather & Furs - python, crocodile, ray, lizard, mink, sable etc.

Apple iPhone 3G Gold Leather Python

Jewelry work with leather and fur - Products made of exotic leather hand-dressing. The Italian quality products. Unique accessories made to order in a single copy. Phone and crocodile leather strap, rudder and usb drives of mink fur, carrying case for your phone and laptop in python skin, and other MJ luxuries.
    - From 300 euros for the product. - Depending on the size of the product, the complexity of the work and use leather or fur. Catalog of leather and fur - MJ Leather Edition -

Jewelry work - luxury items of precious metals and gems.

Gold Mini Flash 8gb Ear Limited Edition
Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby - Precious metals and stones from the art studio MJ (gold - white / yellow / pink / red, palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver, as well as Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies , opals, sapphires ...)
      Art Studio MJ makes products for individual orders, your service professional designers, jewelers, inlaiders, engraver, and other experts of our studio. We are working with the masters from Ukraine, Russia, Italy, France and Germany, which enables to produce a fantastic thing by using the entire spectrum of the art technologies Luxury: laser milling, casting, rolling, stamping, hand and laser engraving, inlaid with precious stones, and art-paint art painting, ceramics, hot enamel applique genuine leather and velvet, and other marvels of modern design and jewelry. The Classics - rings, necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, crosses, cufflinks, etc. Alternative - Phones, USB Flash Drives, Watches, Pens, Lighters, cutlery, etc. 
    - From 200 to 1.000.000 euros for the product. - Depending on complexity, size and uniqueness of the work, as well as from samples of metal, quality and size of stones.

Gilding - coating of precious metals on any surface.

  Авто эмблема Ягуара из литой платины или белого золота инкрустированная драгоценными камнями USB Flash Platinum Gold Diamonds 128gb
Gilding - Multi-application of gold (white / yellow / pink / red), palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver, on any surface (metal / plastic / stone ...). Chromium plating. As a possible follow-coated products.
    - From 200 euros for the product. - Depending on the size of the product, the complexity of the work and material used to cover. Products covered in gold - MJ Gilding Edition

Inlaid with precious stones and crystals Swarovski.

Инкрустация стразами австрийского хрусталя. Бутылка усыпанная кристаллами Swarovski Телефон Сваровски. Инкрустация стразами австрийского хрусталя.
Crystal Swarovski - Swarovski Crystals and Diamonds from the Art Studio MJ. Presented in the Art Studio MJ original crystals Swarovski (strasses, stones, crystals), and unique gemstones, all colors and shades (from black diamond, gold and cheerfully), the existence of absolutely any size (from tiny crumbs to large lot carat diamonds), allow our artists to designers to make unique, stylish, luxurious and elegant any thing (the phone rings and usb flash drives to furniture, cars and interiors).
    - From 0.2 to 30 euros 1 pc. - Depending on the size of the crystal and the complexity of the work. Products paste and inlaid with diamonds - MJ Swarovski Edition -

   Engraving -
the laser and hand engraving and milling

Лазерная гравировка. Нанесение на телефон любого рисунка.

Drawing pictures, logo, ornaments & designs, personal signatures & much more on any surface, using laser & hand engraving & milling.
    - From 200 euros - The price depends on the complexity of the work, detail image, size & type of surface covered by the object.

Wood Edition - unique wood products.

Producing unique products of the rare types of wood. The phone, computer usb flash drives, gift bottles, computers, laptops and various accessories from rare woods. Possible combination of wood with gold, diamonds, swarovski, leather and other delicacies by MJ. Products from the tree of premium-class -
    - From 200 to 100,000 euros - The price depends on the complexity of the work and material used.

Airbrushing & Art Painting.

Тюнинг и Моддинг техники. Мышка и Компьютер расписанные при помощи аэрографии.

Drawing the figure using aerograph on any surface. Art-paint car, computer, mobile phone art painting interiors. For more information, please contact the Division airbrushing Art Studio MJ.
    - From 200 to 50,000 euros - The price depends on the complexity of the work (detail image), and the area covered by the facility (telephone, car, wall ...)  Catalog of art-paint and artistic murals

Stone & Bone Edition - gifts of stone, ivory, teeth, fang...

Jewelry with mountain stone and decorative carvings on the bones. Marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, alexandrite, jasper, amber, tourmaline, opal, crystal, moonstone, topaz, garnet, colored sapphires. Bones, claws, fangs and tusks: the elephant, mammoth, walrus bone, sperm whale tooth, elk horn, tiger and lion's canine teeth, claws puma.
    - From 300 euro - The price depends on the complexity of the work and material used. Products made of natural stone or bone.

MJ Limited Edition - a unique product, made exclusively for VIP clients, are the only of its kind. Released a limited edition, every model in the series and individual is unique. Prices vary depending on the type and size of product complexity and the number and type of material used - gold, diamonds, leather, wood and other premium materials.

      No matter how many cost an accessory, it is likely to be many people of your circle, and the only way to become the owner of the unique things - this is the order of individual phone model, gadget, laptop, car, jewelry and any gift or souvenir. See details in section unique services Art Studio MJ



Exclusive gold mobile phones, unique usb flash drives and accessories, luxury leather, fur and wood, inlaid with diamonds and crystals swarovski, art-paint, tuning, modding, engraving, gilding supercomputers and laptops, design, and much more from the art-studio MJ.

MJ Art-Studio,  28 Kanatna str.  Odessa,  65014,  Ukraine
+38 (094) 947-46-50   + 38 (050) 522-33-30