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Unique products for the Elect & VIP
Luxurious Collection Limited Edition by MJ

The author's technique in a series of Limited Edition Art Studios MJ released manually in a single copy of the most expensive and luxurious materials. Gold mobile phones, USB flash drives, personal computers, laptops, leather goods, souvenirs & accessories from Art-Studio MJ manufactured custom V.I.P. clients.

   MJ - Elite Flash Drives Limited Edition -

Gold USB MJ Flash Drive Stick 8gb Limited (Red, Pink, White, Green or Yellow Gold) MJ Flash Gold 777 Diamond Wood 32gb MJ Gold Bone 777 Diamond Bite with Crocodile Box MJ Platinum Gold 888 Goldfield 8gb with Apple iPhone 3G Gold Python Leather MJ USB Flash Drive - Luxury Fish Gold Bone Edition - Peach Pit, Gold 777, Dark Blue Sapphire Eyes, Open MJ USB Flash Drive - Gentlemen Style Edition - Red, Yellow and White Gold, Carbon, Palladium, Diamond, Multy Channel Ram

MJ - Apple iPhone Limited Edition -

Apple iPhone 4 White Exotic Leather MJ Edition - Crocodile Skin with White Gold Apple MJ Apple iPhone 3G Gold 777 with Unique Box from Crocodile Leather & Gold Logo MJ Apple iPhone 3G 16gb Solid Gold Leather - Python Snake Single-Copy MJ Apple iPhone 3G Full Gold 777 Leather Edition - Stingray Apple iPhone 3G Unique Black & White Diamond Limited Edition MJ Apple iPhone 4 Genuine Leather - Exotic Mix - Python Wild, Black Stingray, Fur Pony

MJ - Super Laptops Limited Edition -

MJ Notebook Ferrari Crocodile Platinum Gold 777 Limited Edition, Leather Mouse & VIP Bag - Супер Ноутбук, Мышка, Флешка и Сумка из кожи крокодила и платинового золота 777-ой пробы MJ Laptop Natural Red Glossy Leather & Exotic Python Skin, Gold Logo, Luxury Bag for Mouse & Laptop MJ Laptop Gold Leather VIP Edition - Crocodile & Python XL King Kit Limited Edition MJ Laptop Gold Leahter Diamond with Luxury Mouse from Crocodile (Cayman) & Python Leather Luxury Elite Notebook Ferrari One MJ Limited Edition - Exotic Leather Pink Cobra with VIP Mouse

MJ - Unique Mouse & Keyboard LE -

MJ Mouse Gold Limited Edition Luxury Style - Золотая Мышка MJ Mouse Leather Edition - Python Snake with Solid Gold 999 - Кожаная мышка Питон MJ Apple Mouse inlaid Diamond with Unique Cut - Бриллиантовая Мышка MJ Mouse Ferrari Crocodile Leather Edition - Уникальная кожаная мышка в золоте и бриллиантах (шоколадный крокодил) MJ Keyboard Wood Edition - Pinkwood, Bloodwood, Ebony, Karelian Birch, Elephant, Blackwood, Mahogany incrustation Gold, Platinum & Silver

MJ - USB Flash Drives Single Edition -

MJ USB Flash Drive Wood Black Panther Edition USB Flash Drive Leather Lizard Single-Copy 32gb Turbo Raid USB Flash Drive 32gb Gold Wood Edition - Blackwood MJ USB Flash Drive Willd Natural - Tiger & White Platinum Gold 777 MJ USB Flash Drive Gold Diamond Wood Edition - Mahogany Bloodwood MJ USB Flash Drive Platinum Wood Edition - Karelian Birch with Diamond

MJ - Blackberry & Porsche PD -

Blackberry Gold Diamond 777 MJ Exclusive Blackberry Porsche Design Gold P9981 Exotic Leather - Alligator Chocolate Arms Blackberry Porsche Design P9981 Gold 777 - Exotci Hide

MJ - Vertu, Mobiado, Tag Heuer etc -

MJ Vertu Signature S-Design Gold 777 inlaid Diamonds & Crocodile Leather MJ Vertu Ascent Ti Black Gold inlaid Diamonds & Python Snake Skin MJ Goldvish Solid Gold 777 with Crocodile Cayman Skin vertu ayxta exotic - mj edition - python, varan and cayman leather MJ Tag Heuer White Gold 777 Luxury Modding from Art-Studio MJ

MJ - Luxury Cases & Covers -

Mobile Phone Case/black/Mobile Case iPhone Swarovski MJ Luxury Mobile Case - Exotic Genuine Leather - Python White Gold

MJ - Nokia 8800 Arte Gold LE -

Nokia 8800 Arte Gold Diamond MJ Limited Edition MJ Nokia 8800 Arte Gold Diamond - Luxury Gold Mobile Phone incrustation Brilliants with Unique Cut, box from crocodile leather  

* MJ Limited Edition - Bespoke by MJ - all models in this collection are made exclusively by hand the best masters of the world, custom VIP clients. All products are unique and inimitable, the innovative design and technology patented art studio "MJ" and TM "777" -



Exclusive gold mobile phones, unique usb flash drives and accessories, luxury leather, fur and wood, inlaid with diamonds and crystals, art-paint, customization, modding, engraving, gilding supercomputers and laptops, design, and much more from the art-studio MJ.

MJ Art-Studio,  28 Kanatna str.  Odessa,  65014,  Ukraine
+38 (094) 947-46-50   + 38 (050) 522-33-30