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Unique services luxury of Art-Studio MJ
leather - fur - jewelers - gilt - incrustation- engraving - art paint - stone - bone - wood

Exclusive Bone Elite Edition by MJ
Luxury products made of natural ivory, canine teeth, bones etc.

MJ USB Flash Drive - Luxury Fish White Gold Mamonth Edition - Mamonth Bone Tusk or Ivory, White Gold 777, Black Diamond Eyes, VIP Gift
Jewelry with a bone.
Products made of genuine bones, claws, fangs and tusks: the elephant, mammoth, sperm bone, sperm whale tooth, elk horn, tiger and lion's canine teeth, claws puma and jaguar...

Carving bone

In the decorations of mammoth tusks have their special, with nothing comparable is not the charm: they seemed to resemble those ancient times, when the snow-covered plains roamed these huge powerful animals. If you bring them to the palm and closed his eyes for a moment, you can barely feel this palpable, easy, and at the same time, the frosty air.
Carved bone
- for thousands of years. Primeval people grind out points for the copies and arrows away the long hours of his century, cutting figures of mammoths and bison. So the first notes hunters.
Mammoth tusk - is unique, having no analogues material, it is stronger than ivory, and most importantly - has a unique color scheme. For thousands of years, spent under the ground, tusks, inlaid moisture, were subjected to progressive mineralization and acquire a variety of shades - from orange to pink and brown and purple. These colors can not be imitate.
For buyers and collectors items from mammoth tusks - is also a good financial investment. Every year the number of tusks found decreases, but with the price increases. Over the past 2 years the cost of mammoth tusks rose more than 2 times. The main buyers of mammoth tusks are foreigners: Japanese, Chinese, Germans, Englishmen.
Among the most prominent collectors of ivory products - Peter I and John Kennedy. Peter Alekseevich passion for collecting items from the bone during a trip to the North, and even cut themselves a few things, including the famous snuffboxes. In the future, it added to the collection of other reigning person. Many products on display in a well-known museums in Russia. Inveterate collector of products made of bone was John Kennedy, as in 1964, Claire Burns even wrote a book: John Kennedy. Collector carving bone.



Exclusive gold mobile phones, unique usb flash drives and accessories, luxury leather, fur and wood, inlaid with diamonds and crystals swarovski, art-paint, tuning, modding, engraving, gilding supercomputers and laptops, design, and much more from the art-studio MJ.

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