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Unique services luxury of Art-Studio MJ
leather - fur - jewelers - gilt - incrustation- engraving - art paint - stone - bone - wood

     Airbrushing - ART-PAINT

Drawing the figure using aerograph on any surface. Art-paint car, computer, mobile phone art painting interiors. For more information, please contact the Division airbrushing Art Studio MJ. The price depends on the complexity of the work (detail image), and the area covered by the facility (phone, mouse, usb flash drive, car, wall, laptop, ipad etc.)  Catalog of art-paint and artistic murals.


Тюнинг и Моддинг техники. Мышка и Компьютер расписанные при помощи аэрографии.  


* Art Studio MJ provides unique products and services to authors. Series Limited Edition is the only of its kind. Each model in the series and individual is unique. The luxury that not everyone can afford.

      Buying elite phone, like Apple iPhone or even the Vertu, the buyer rarely thinks about what it was a serial product, which has the highest daily sales. Therefore, people who own financial and social situation requires the exclusive use things, is to look at something different - a unique and sophisticated.
      No matter how many cost an accessory, it is likely to be many people of your circle, and the only way to become the owner of the unique things - this is the order of individual phone model, the computer usb flash drives, laptop, any gift or souvenir.



Exclusive gold mobile phones, unique usb flash drives and accessories, luxury leather, fur and wood, inlaid with diamonds and crystals swarovski, art-paint, tuning, modding, engraving, gilding supercomputers and laptops, design, and much more from the art-studio MJ.

MJ Art-Studio,  28 Kanatna str.  Odessa,  65014,  Ukraine
+38 (094) 947-46-50,   +38 (050) 522-33-30