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Phone Cases & Accessories Luxury Edition by MJ

   Exclusive manufacturing of luxury hand-made cases for all models of phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops & other gadgets and devices. For the production of elite covers, cases, pouches and other exclusive accessories used only the most expensive and luxurious materials:
- Genuine leather
: crocodile, alligator, caiman, lizard, python, cobra, eel, stingray, shark, etc.
- Genuine fur: sheared mink, fox, weasel, pony, wolf, lynx, llama, chinchilla, silver fox, sable, etc.
- Accessories: gold, platinum, palladium, silver, wood, amber, carbon, bones, ivory, etc.
- Swarovski crystals or gems: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, fancy brilliants, etc.
Perhaps drawing on the cover of any logo, monogram, emblem, wishes, zodiac signs, symbols, etc.
Making it personal with: laser engraving, inlay, pattern, embossing, painting, airbrushing, etc.

Luxury Case with Keyring - Karung Leather EV Gold (Yellow and White) MJ Luxury Documents Passport Cover and Mobile Phone Vertu Case made from Crocodile Leather Mobile Phone Case/black/Mobile Case iPhone Swarovski or Diamonds Incrustatio Mobile CASE MJ - Stingray Natural Leather & Gold Mobile Phone Royal Kit Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Leather Case with Python Star Key Ring - Caramel Edition, Apple from White Gold Mobile Case Private Order - Genuine Leather with White, Yellow & Pink Gold Luxury Mobile CASE MJ - Snake Python Leather & Gold Chain 777 Watch Band with Mobile Phone Case Made of Genuine Lizard Skin Luxury Kit - Watch Band and Iphone Case - Genuine Python Leather Natural Pink Zodiac Sign Lion Gold 999 MJ Limited Edition Mobile Case - Leather Cobra and Gold Phone Exclusive Case Patriot of Ukraine Edition Made of Crocodile and Alligator Leather by MJ Vertu Constellation Mobile Case - Cow & Python Leather Mobile CASE MJ - Ostrich Natural Leather Leg Golden Python Mix Kit - Iphone Case with Exclusive Handbag Mobile Case - Natural Fur with Solid Gold Mobile Cases/Mobile CASE MJ - Fur Sable & Arctic Fox Versace Mobile Case with Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Case Crocodile Leather with 8800 Arte Carbon Details Handbag - Gunbag Exotic Leather - Ostrich Hide for 3-6 Mobile Phones Handbag Stingray Pearl MJ Luxury Edition for 2-8 Mobile Phones Exclusive Crocodile Leather Bags with compartments for mobile phones Exclusive bag Stingray Leather with compartments and cases for cell mobile phones Elite Biefcases and bags with compartments for mobile phones (Bag with Cases for Cell Phones) Crocodile Handbag for Mobile Phone 2-6 Cell Unique Silverd Cross 925 & Genuine Leather - Exclusive Mobile Phone Case Emerald Cross & Exotic Skin Ostrich Leg - Exclusive Mobile Phone Case MJ Edition Unique Case for Mobile Phone made from Genuine Stingray Leather & Precious Metals & Gems - White & Pink Gold Diamond Cross Diamond David Star Exotic Shark Leather Case for Mobile Phone MJ Luxury Edition Unique Cover Phone. Made from Crocodile Hornback Tail Leather Mobile Phone Cover Case MJ Exotic Fur Inlay Brilliant or Swarovski Crystallized Exclusive Handmade Luxury Mobile Phone Case MJ Limited Edition - Crocodile Green Reptile Blackberry Exclusive Handmade Luxury Mobile Phone Case MJ Exotic Leather - Python Skin Exclusive Handmade Luxury Mobile Phone Case MJ Exotic Leather - Crocodile Foot Mobile Case - Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Black Gold Vertu Mobile Case - Natural Leather in Platinum Moseratti Auto Exclusive Case for VIP Mobile Phone & Car. Handmade MJ Exotic Leather with Logo Emblems made from White or Yellow Gold Mercedes Auto Exclusive Cover Handmade MJ Exotic Leather for VIP Mobile Phone Exclusive Cover Handmade MJ Genuine Ostrich Leather with Golden 750 Porsche Logo Hot Enamel Ferrari Exclusive Cover Handmade MJ Exotic Leather Crocodile, Alligator, Cayman with White Gold Logo 888 MJ Mobile Case Vertu - Genuine Leather Calf and Solid White Gold Mobile Phone Case/black/Mobile Case iPhone Swarovski MJ Luxury Case Pony Leopard Color with KeyChain Platinum Gold MJ Mobile Case Private Order Single Copy Edition - Genuine Leather, Gold Words Inlaid Diamonds Karung Leather Case Handmade MJ Edition - Private Initials EV Gold - Front Side Unique Case Phone ME Edition - Karung Snake Leather - Flash Light Unique VIP Cover for Vertu Karung Snake Leather (Blue and Pink Color) Exclusive Case for Vertu Mobile Phone. Made from Karung Leather and Gold (White, Yellow and Pink Gold) Vertu Case Crocodile Leather 006 - Brown Leather Gold Metal Vertu Case Crocodile Leather  with Exotic Passport Covers MJ Luxury Edition Unique Mobile Phone for Vertu Signature with White, Yellow and Pink Gold 777 by MJ Vertu Exclusive Super Cover for Mobile Phone Constellation Ayxta with Gold and Palladium Logo Vertu Exclusive Handmade Luxury Mobile Phone Case MJ Exotic Leather with Gold & Silver Exclusive Vertu Handmade Luxury Mobile Phone Case MJ Limited Edition - TRIO with Gold Logo Handmade Soft Cover Python with Gold Initials 585 Aston Martin Auto Exclusive Case for VIP Mobile Phone. Handmade MJ Exotic Leather with Logo Emblems made from Gold or Platinum Audii Auto Exclusive Cover for Mobile Phone. Handmade MJ Exotic Leather(Crocodile, Anaconda, Elephant, Cobra, Eel etc) with Logo Emblems made from Gold, Silver or Platinum Infinity Auto Car Exclusive Cover for Mobile Phone Handmade MJ Exotic Leather. Emblems made from White Gold or Platinum Maybach Auto Exclusive Cover for Mobile Phone. Handmade MJ Exotic Leather with Emblems made from Gold, Silver or Platinum MJ Luxury Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Case Crocodile Leather - Green Exclusive Accessories MJ Luxury Edition - Apple iPad & Apple iPhone 4 Case Hand Made From Stingray Polished Grey Rarest Exotic Snake Leather Case for Apple iPphone - Water Snake Skin Exclusive Cover Handmade MJ Exotic Leather - Crocodile with Platinum Fussian Federation Arms Case Vertu Iguana Leather Blue Skin Luxury Case Cover Genuine Leather Cobra Skin Natural Color Exclusive Crocodile Case Tail MJ Edition Luxury Cove Tail Alligator MJ Edition Crocodile Paw Patty Luxury Case MJ Edition Luxury Case Fish Skin Handmade MJ Edition Royal Kit - Belt & Mobile Case from Exotic Leather Crocodile Genuine Skin Mobile Case Luxury/black/MJ Mobile Case iPhone 4 Leather Genuine Skin Black MJ Luxury Mobile Case - Exotic Genuine Leather - Python White Gold MJ Luxury Mobile Case - Exotic Genuine Leather - Iguana Black (Unique Cover Handmade) Bentley Exotic Leather Stingray Skin Black MJ Limited Edition Mobile Phone Case for Nokia 8800 Genuine Leather Embossed Logo Trio Mobile Case Nokia 8800 Sirocco Genuine Leather Crocodile Print Exclusive VIP Case MJ Edition - Reptile Hornback Tail Leather - Pink Gold Gresso Exclusive Mobile Phone Cover Case Gresso Genuine Leather Crocodile Python Ostrich Stingray Medic Symbol Bronze or Gold Exotic Leather Shark Skin Black MJ Limited Edition Heart Amore Symbol Gold Pink Exclusive Cover Handmade MJ Exotic Leather Alligator Handmade Mobile Phone Cover Genuine Exotic Leather Crocodile inaid Platinum Logo 750 Elite Case for Mobile Phone MJ Luxury Edition Diamond Heart Edition Luxury Cover Exotic Leather Crocodile Mobiado Gold 777 105gmt Duo Black Unique Phone Case Exotic Leather Crocodile Skin Mobiado Professional Gold 750 18ct Luxury Cover for Mobile Smartphone Made of Genuine Leather - Exotic Row Stingray Line Skin MJ Luxury Exotic Leather Laptop Case Netbook Green Genuine Leather Case Blue Crocodile Exclusive Case Made of Perforated Leather Handmade Edition Black Polished Stingray Leather - Exclusive Cell Phone Case Tag Heuer Meridist Leather Case Limited Edition Brown Lux Cover LUX CASE - Ostrich Leg with Claw Natural Toad Leather Cover Brown Red Frog Skin Royal Salmon Leather White Fish Cover for Smart Phone Unique Cover made from Glazed Crocodile Leather with Solid Pure Gold Initials Silver or White Gold Initials - Sample - DF Private Order - Embossed Initials Genuine Leather Genuine Python Skin with White Gold Apple Inlaid Diamonds An example of the layout and finished leather and gold by ART-STUDIO MJ A sketch for a client of his initials. And finished the initials of the precious metal. Figure fonts available upon request. And the initials of ready-made cast gold. Example of reference for jewelers and leather workers MJ. And the finished products of leather and gold. - Luxury Mobile Phone Case with Gold Initials Luxury Covers & Cases for Mobile Phone made from Karung Skin - Genuine Snake Hide Gold Initials (Private Order EV Gold 585) with Karung Leather Luxury Kit Python Leather - iPhone Case, Watch Band and Shoes MJ Mobile Case Exotic Leather - Black Crocodile with Gold Phone Nokia 8800 Gold Swarovski & Visit Cards & Rings MJ Mobile Case & Visit Card Holder - Genuine Exoti Leather Crocodile Skin (Alligator & Cayman) Nokia 8800 Arte Platinum MJ Limited Edition Pyathon & Mobile Case Black Pearl MJ Luxury Mobile Case - Exotic Genuine Fur - Mink, Sable, Fox, Wolf VIP Mobile Phone Case for Mobiado from Genuine Crocodile Leather with Gold Platinum Logo Zoom Glasses Case MJ Luxury Edition Crocodile Brown Glazed MJ Luxury Vertu Cover Made from Crocodile Leather and Gold Yellow Mobile Phone Case and Document Passport Cases made from Crocodile Leather MJ Edition MJ Luxury Case iPhone 4 Exotic Leather with Keyring Gold White MJ Luxury Apple iPhone Case Carbon Fiber Silver Mobile Case with Gold Logo Mobiado & Private Engraving Luxury Case Karung Leather MJ Edition with Private Initials Gold (Yellow, Pink, White) Luxury Cover Kit by MJ - Exclusive Mobile Phone Case and Keyring made from Karung Leather and Silver 925 Elite Case for Mobile Phone MJ Luxury Edition Diamond Zoom Elite Case for Mobile Phone MJ Luxury Edition - Genuine Exotic Fur - Sable, fox, mink, raccoon, chinchilla, snow leopard Elite Case for Mobile Phone MJ Luxury Edition - Exclusive Handmade Fur VIP Extreme Luxury Wild Covers Crocodile Tail Skin 100 Black Exclusive Soft Cover VIP MJ Edition - Python Hides with Gold Initials Glazed Crocodile Luxury Case MJ Edition with Keyring Steel or White Gold MJ Luxury Case Pony Leopard Color with KeyChain Gold or Silver Original Leopard Print - Genuine Pony Fur Leather - Mobile Phone Case Cover by MJ - Duo Side Luxury Cover Case for Apple iPhone. Made from Anaconda Black Hide with Silver Keyring Reptile Print Genuine Leather - Mobile Phone Case Mobile Phone Case with Watch Leather - Iguana, Crocodile, Alligator, Python etc Case Iguana and Cobra Skin Tag Heuer Case Meridist/Tag Heuer Meridist Leather Case Limited Edition VIP MJ Exclusive Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Case Crocodile Leather - Case with Wallet Luxury Set - Elite Case and Wallet Made of Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman and Other Exotic Leather with Gold Inlaids
* Complete collection of covers can see in the gallery - MJ Luxury Cases XL Catalog

Accessories for mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and other gadgets made of genuine leather & fur premium class. Classic and exotic skins - crocodile, alligator, caiman, shark, elephant, hippo. iguana, monitor lizard, python, cobra, anaconda, boa, karung, sea snake, ostrich, fish, stingray, sea eel, frog, toad, bird leg, tripe, buffalo, bison, calf, scribe, weasel, sable, silver fox, pony, mink etc. Covers and bags, trinkets and ribbons to your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gadgets and other vip technics.

   Mobile Cases & Covers for cellular and satellite phones and smartphones of any brands & model. Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 14 Pro Max, 14 Mini, 13, 12, 11. X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 6s, SE, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3gs, 3g, 2g, XR, SE, Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPod, Apple MacBook and others, Vertu (Aster, Constellation, Ayxta, Quest, Ascent, Signature, S Design, New Signature Touch...) Nokia (8800, Arte, Sapphire, Gold, Carbon, Asha, Lumia, Oro...), Samsung (Galaxy Series, Note Series, Armani, Ego...), Versace, Gucci, LG, Sony Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Asus, HTC, Prada, Goldvish, Gresso, Google, Nexus, Pixel, Alcatel, Siemens, Sonim, Skylink, Compaq, Fly, Hammer, Huawei, Highscreen, Just5, BB-Mobile, Bellperre, Blackberry, Cubot, Audiovoq, Maxon, Meizu, i-Mate, Gigabyte, Digma, Dns, Evolveo, Exclusive. Explay, Eten, IconBit, O2, Orsio, Oppo, Oysters, Palm, Sagem, Senseit, Snami, Qtek, Qumo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, Maybach, Maserati, Bentley, Philips, Pantech Curitel, Panasonic, Prestigio, Nec, Motorola, Mobiado, Mitsubishi, MySaga, MyPhone, Lenovo, Kyocera, Keneksi, Sharp, Sigma, xDevice, Song, RoverPC, Ritmix, TeXet, Teltonika, Toshiba, Voxtel, Xiaomi, ZTE, Zopo, T-Mobile, Telefunken, Acer, HP, Dell, Compaq, Voodoo, Tulip Ego, ViewSonic, Swarovski, Ubiquam, Ulysse Nardin, Tag Heuer, Dior, Porsche Design, etc.



Exclusive gold phones of solid gold, platinum, palladium and silver, bronze, titan, carbon, genuine leather, laser engraving, inlaid with diamonds and crystals Swarovski, airbrushing, tuning and modding cell phones, software pones tuning. Manufacturing exclusive case for mobile phones, no analogues. Wooden and stone casings for mobile phones and smartphones, or their hull elements. and much more from the Art-studios MJ.

28 Kanatna str.  Odessa,  Ukraine,  65014,  Art-Studio MJ
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